Shakha - Pola - Conch Shell & Red Coral Bangles

Bridal Packages

The Classic Bridal package

This bridal mehndi package takes inspiration from the traditional Indo-Moghul style for a classic minimalist look. It provides henna designs on both hands up to the wrists and feet.

The Elegant Bridal package

Henna art is the traditional practice of creating intricate designs - both modern and classical - on hands up to the wrists, as well as feet. It is a highly creative process that results in beautiful body adornment.

The Star Bridal package

For the at-home bride seeking a timeless look, we offer The Elegant Bridal Package. This package provides extra focus and attention to detail, making sure that no aspect of the bridal experience is overlooked.

Mehndi for all

Arabic Mehndi

This style of mehndi features large floral and geometric patterns that are often applied to the hands and feet. Arabic mehndi is known for its bold and intricate designs.

Indian Mehndi

Indian mehndi is characterized by its elaborate and detailed designs, which often feature peacock motifs, paisley patterns, and other traditional Indian symbols. This style of mehndi is typically applied to the hands and feet.

Pakistani Mehndi

Pakistani mehndi is known for its intricate and delicate designs, which often feature floral motifs and intricate patterns. This style of mehndi is typically applied to the hands and feet.

Moroccan Mehndi

Moroccan mehndi features bold, geometric patterns that are often applied to the hands and feet. This style of mehndi is known for its clean lines and striking designs.

Indian fastival raksha Bandhan.
High angle close up of henna tattoos being put on hand.

Corporate Events

Traditional henna

This is the most common type of henna used for body art. It is made from a paste of henna leaves, water, and other natural ingredients, and creates a brownish-red stain on the skin that can last for several weeks.

Black henna

This type of henna is made by adding chemicals such as para-phenylenediamine (PPD) to the traditional henna paste. Black henna creates a darker, longer-lasting stain on the skin, but can be more risky due to the potential for allergic reactions.

White henna

This is a newer type of henna that does not contain henna paste at all. Instead, it is made from a paste of cosmetic-grade adhesive and body paint, and creates a white or metallic design on the skin that lasts for a day or two.

Glitter Body Art

Glitter henna cones

These are pre-mixed henna cones that contain glitter particles. They can be used to create intricate designs with a sparkling effect.

Glitter gels

These are gel-based products that are applied over henna designs to add a glittery effect. They are available in a variety of colors and can be applied with a brush or applicator.

Glitter tattoos

These are temporary tattoos that are created using a combination of henna paste and glitter. The henna paste is applied to the skin and left to dry, then glitter is added over the top to create a shimmering effect.

henna art